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Have you ever felt overwhelmed, unhappy, unmotivated and like you were meant for a higher level of success?

Us too!  Just like you, we used to live on the perpetual hamster-wheel of life – moving from task to task, action to action and goal to goal. We were extreme high-achievers, very successful business owners and we prided ourselves on being able to get a lot done.  Despite having found success early on in our careers we couldn’t figure out to take it to the next level. In fact, we weren’t even sure we wanted the next level because it took a lot of blood, sweat and tears to achieve success…. and that was before we became moms and chief executives of our families too.

Our story goes all the way back to 1993 when we were college suite mates at The University of North Carolina. We became fast friends and study partners who went on to launch our dream business in 2005 – a passion project better known as Empower Personalized Fitness.

Over the years we saw a lot of success, and we counted ourselves amongst the lucky ones because we had found our passion early and our work brought a lot of joy to our lives. And for many years we felt like we were moving forward, making progress and building our dream life.

Fast forward 10 years when we made a business decision hoping for financial gains and more “success.” Instead we found ourselves over $100,000 in debt with a serious case of misaligned priorities. Not only did we have one business to manage, but we also had small children at home and all the responsibilities that we as women tend to absorb. Suffice it to say there were many days when we were white-knuckled on the highway trying to pick up our kids before school closed feeling like failures at work AND at home.

As high performing women we were insistent on charging forward in our careers, never giving up under any circumstances because in our minds “more success = more happiness.” And at the time we had a very narrow definition of what it meant to be a high-performing, successful woman.

We did what action-oriented women tend to do – we tried a bit harder, sacrificed just a little more, pushed forward at all costs believing that more effort would certainly end all the struggle. And when that didn’t work we took the opposite approach of scaling back our expectations deciding to just settle in and take the hand we were dealt.

What we learned is that “trying” is tiresome. In fact, it’s exhausting… mentally and physically exhausting to continue to try to have it all in the name of living a “successful” life.

For us personally, we had to re-define our definition of what it means live an extraordinary life, to be a leader and to be happy. We realized that to truly find long-term success we had to develop a new mindset and establish better habits. 

Our a-ha moment came when we decided to let go of an outdated dream (the one we thought was going to make us happy and successful) and create a new dream that better aligned with the women we had become. We realized that being successful and “having it all” meant aligning with our deepest values and finding our ‘purpose’ at this stage of our lives.

We call this our Purpose-Filled Life Formula.  It’s a step-by-step process that helps you gain clarity of vision, connect with your values, set meaningful goals, trigger action, become the leader and high performer you were meant to be…..all without sacrificing the people and things that matter most to you.

Once we started following the Purpose-Filled Life Formula we feel less stressed, we are laser focused on our big goals and dreams, and we are finding much more joy in the journey of leading as a high-performing woman.

In fact, we now coach other women to step up to create high-performing habits, to lead in life and in business and to create impact along the way. We are training as Certified High Performance Coaches through the High Performance Institute founded by world-renown speaker, author and trainer Brendon Burchard. We continue to co-own, co-lead and co-manage our successful, thriving fitness business. And we prioritize our roles as moms and chief executives of our families.

If you’re ready to finally lead with high performance and love your life, then we promise you’ll find our coaching, training, teachings and the community of other Bold, Adventurous Sisters extremely helpful…

In fact, we’ve got some great free trainings that will help you hit the next level.  Just click the button at the top of the homepage of this site and let us know which free training we can send your way.

Deal?  It is our mission to pass our knowledge and experience on to you in hopes you will avoid the mistakes we made. We hope to inspire you to lead and love your life and to find joy in following your dreams.

Welcome to your Sisterhood!

Be Bold,

 The life of our dreams means time for family, travel, fitness, friends and of course coffee!


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