Lead in L.I.F.E When You Elevate to High Performance

What is High Performance and why should you want it?

When you hear the words high performance what comes to mind?  Do you envision a track star winning gold at the Olympic Games or a pop-star rocking the stage to sold out crowds?  While both of these examples depict extraordinary people living out their dreams . . . our question is this: WHY NOT YOU?  We know you have BIG dreams for your life and we are here to encourage you to GO FOR IT!  You too can be extraordinary. 

What we have learned from our mentor and the world’s leading high performance coach Brendon Burchard is that high performance is more that just being successful it is “succeeding beyond standard norms, consistently over the long haul” AND “without sacrificing personal relationships or your health.” This is HUGE. What it means is this – having a successful life, fulfilling your purpose and still having time for YOU and those you love.

Who doesn’t want this?

While achieving High Performance takes a lot of work, determination and action – it will also create a life journey filled with peace, meaning and joy.

Here are 5 things to consider when scaling your L.I.F.E. to high performance.

Seek Clarity – We have already spoken about clarity (maybe 100 times) but it is the first step in living The Life You Envision. You can’t get from here (where you are today) to there (where you want to go) if you don’t know what it is you want in life. So, first things first – get super-duper clear on what the life you envision looks like. 

We know that many of you have just been doing what it takes to get through your days, weeks, years – you have been BUSY building a career, raising a family, keeping a home, maintaining friendships and trying to stay healthy enough to keep it all going (thankfully there’s wine).  Most likely in the fast-paced whirlwind of your life you haven’t paused long enough to really ponder who you are at your core, what you want most, and what you find most fulfilling at this stage of life.  However, by asking yourself these questions, by researching what makes your heart sing, and by experimenting with different opportunities to find a sense of purpose – you will start to gain clarity and feel some peace and serenity enter the room.

Strive for Alignment – in today’s culture there isn’t really such a thing as “work-life balance” or even simply “life balance.” We are not 50% at work and 50% at home at any given time. It’s not feasible to give our best selves to all of our roles all of the time – even though as women we sometimes try. In reality some days your work will take a majority of your focus and attention and some days another part of your life will take precedent. If you try to be all things to all people at all times – you will come up short or burn out trying. So instead simply strive to live in alignment with what truly matters to you most and learn to dance amongst the chaos. When you have a super clear vision of what you want – you will more easily be able prioritize your time and efforts. You will say “no” more easily to the things that don’t truly resonate with you and “yes” more to the things that make your spirit come alive.  Living in alignment helps you experience heightened joy even when doing your less-than-desirable tasks.

Adopt a Growth Mindset – Your mindset is perhaps your greatest asset and your biggest liability at the same time. Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.” Think about those words for just a second and let the impact of the truth sink in. In order to take anything in your life to a new level you are going to have to approach it with a new mindset.

Take a look at your life through a new lens. Adopt an opportunity-focused mindset and prepare to THRIVE in life, not just survive.  Believe that the universe is an abundant place and that there are millions of opportunities just waiting to be discovered.  Believe that you are smart and resourceful and even in the face of challenges you have the ability to figure things out. Embrace change, be flexible and seek new opportunities to learn. Be proactive, be courageous, be confident, be bold, be resilient. Know that living life to the fullest also means hard work – and go for it anyway!

Manage Your Energy – Sustained positive mental, physical, and emotional energy are key factors to helping you perform at a high level in many different areas of your life. If you can learn to effectively generate and manage your energy you will have so much more passion, motivation and endurance for all that life throws your way.  Keep in mind, when we speak of energy we are talking about the trifecta of mental alertness and toughness, physical health and stamina, and emotional positivity and confidence.  Together these qualities provide you the get-up-and-go you need to be happy and ascend to high performance. This full-spectrum energy is associated with better moods, positive health indicators, higher educational attainment, heightened creativity, and increased overall productivity and happiness.  The good news is you have the power to create the energy you need to be the purpose-filled, high performing woman you desire to be by following some simple strategies. We teach all about these practices in our Purpose-Filled L.I.F.E. Monthly program. And, bonus – we’ll share one of those today:

  • Prioritize Self-Care – You cannot serve from an empty vessel so prioritize your own self-care and guard this precious time like you would an important meeting. Being CEO of your L.I.F.E. takes a lot of energy, and it is very easy to put your own needs last in line behind all the other items and people on your “to-do” list. If you make it a point to get quality sleep, exercise, eat healthy and engage in your favorite hobbies and you will be a much better partner, mom, worker, and leader. Not only will you have more energy and vitality, but you will be modeling these high performance habits for those around you and setting the trajectory of your family and others you know or serve. It’s a win/win/win!

Invest in a Mentor or Coach – To climb your way to high performance you must draw on the experience of peers, mentors and coaches. No successful person or leader has ever gone at it alone so we recommend investing in a mentor or coach to help you along the way. With a coach or a Mastermind Group you can address concerns and challenges that you are facing with people who have experienced similar problems. You will learn to see things in a different light and build confidence to approach decisions in a new way. You will be held accountable for keeping forward progress and you will be surrounded by a network that encourages you yet challenges you to look for new opportunities.  We have always had a coach and more recently have been working with a mastermind group and both are priceless!

Are you ready to level up your L.I.F.E. to high performance? Are you ready to create energy in your life, joy in you family and impact in the world?  If so, the first step is to gain crystal clear clarity about what matters most and what your best life looks like.  If you would like a step-by-step guide to help you through this process we have you covered.  Check out The 5-Day Envision Your Best Life Planner and get started today building your high performance life!

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